Welcome to Inkdrop

Inkdrop is an infrastructure visualization tool that helps teams better understand and maintain their cloud resources. Our core product is a Terraform Visualizer that generates interactive diagrams illustrating cloud resources and their dependencies across AWS, Azure, GCP and more.

What is the Terraform Visualizer?

The Inkdrop Terraform Visualizer is a command-line tool that creates visual, interactive maps of your Terraform resources. It integrates with tools like GitHub and Atlantis, allowing you to visualize Terraform plans and their downstream impacts directly within pull requests and READMEs.

With the Visualizer, you can:

  • 🔍 Review proposed infrastructure changes at a glance

  • 📚 Document your cloud infrastructure automatically

  • 🚀 Onboard new engineers to projects 10x faster

  • 🕵️ Debug dependencies across providers

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