CLI Usage

The Inkdrop CLI allows you to visualize your Terraform infrastructure from the command line. Run inkdrop with various options to customize the behavior.

Command Line Arguments

ArgumentDescriptionExample Usage

(no argument)

Automatically launches a browser tab to display the diagram interactively.



Visualizes the impact of changes defined in a specified terraform plan file.

inkdrop plan.out


List of directories that contain Terraform configuration files with configured backends. This allows visualizing multiple states in a single diagram.

inkdrop plan.out --state-dirs ./path/to/tf/dir1 ./path/to/tf/dir2

--help, -h

Displays help information about the CLI tool and its commands.

inkdrop --help

--version, -v

Shows the current version number of the CLI tool.

inkdrop --version


Shows verbose logs during the diagram generation process.

inkdrop --debug


Sets the working directory to a specified Terraform project path.

inkdrop --path ./repos/my-tf-project


Defines the port for the local diagram rendering service (default: 3000).

inkdrop --renderer-port 8080

Tips and Tricks

  • Run inkdrop in the same directory where you run terraform plan.

  • Use --debug to troubleshoot any issues with diagram generation.

  • Set --renderer-port if 3000 is already in use on your machine.

  • Visualize multiple Terraform states simultaneously with --state-dirs.

Common Use Cases

Visualize Terraform Plan

terraform plan -out plan.out
inkdrop plan.out

Visualize Current State

inkdrop --state-dirs ./infra

Debug in Verbose Mode

inkdrop plan.out --debug

Let me know if you need any other CLI usage information!

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