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Getting Started

This guide will help you get set up with an account, connect your AWS credentials, understand the basic interface, deploy an architecture, and find additional resources.

Creating an Account

Getting started is easy - just head to and sign in with your Google account. This will create your free account.

Initial Walkthrough

The platform has a simple drag-and-drop interface for building cloud architectures.
The sidebar contains your resources and properties to configure them. The canvas is your architecture diagram.
In this tutorial you'll, drag a resource onto the canvas. You will edit its properties in the sidebar and connect to another resource by dragging a connector between them.
That's the basics! Try adding some resources, connecting them, and editing properties to get familiar.

Adding AWS Credentials

Next, add your AWS access key and secret in the settings. These credentials allow the platform to create and manage resources on your behalf.
Detailed tutorial on how to set AWS credentials in Inkdrop

Deploying Architectures

When ready, deploy your architecture to AWS by hitting the "Deploy to AWS" button.
In this tutorial you'll review the code and deploy an architecture
Under the hood, Terraform code is generated and runs with your credentials to provision the resources. There's no need to manage servers or infrastructure yourself.
Don't forget to destroy the test architecture you created ;)

What's Next

Check out the full documentation for more on constructing robust architectures.
The built-in template gallery has sample architectures to reference or launch from.
As you build, share feedback, so we can continue improving the platform.
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